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Homemade egg pasta

Homemade egg rich pasta Recipe Source: https://www.saltfatacidheat.com/fat/pasta-alluovo

Vegetarian Italian Pasta
Course: Main course
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 3 minutes
Cost per serving: 0,22 €
Energy: 343 kcal / serving
Nutritional score:


  • 1.   put the flour on the worktop and make a well and add all the eggs (it may not be easy to put all in one go)
  • 2.   using a fork gently mix the eggs with the flour to gently incorporate the flour gently break the yolks while mixing. This is the step that takes time, it allows to have a better consistency at the end
  • 3.   once the eggs practically integrate knead the dough by hand; if necessary add flour 300g is indicative (we will be closer to 350g at the end)
  • 4.   the final consistency is a paste that does not stick to the fingers and will be (unfortunately) very elastic
  • 5.   wrap the stretch film paste and let rest 30min (time to prepare a good pesto: https://fr.frije.com/recipes/122820)
  • 6.   sprinkle the work plan generously with flour
  • 7.   spread the dough with a roll until it is as thin as possible. We must start to see the work plan through!
  • 8.   To cut the pasta in; sprinkle the edge of the dough lightly with flour and fold it on itself for 5-8cm (it should not stick where the flour is) re-sprinkle and re-fold the dough on itself and so on until to have a kind of paste rectangle.
  • 9.   cut the dough into slices the more they will be fine the more the pasta will be fine. then separate the pasta they must not stick between them
  • 10.   3min in boiling water; it can be kept for a few days in the fridge (pasta blacks a little but it's normal)


  • With this recipe it is not necessary to add water



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Ingredients for servings

  • 300 g of flour
  • 3 egg yolk
  • 2 eggs

Informations nutritionelles *

    Par personne
    % AJR
  • Valeur énergétique
    343 kcal
    17 %
  • Matières grasses
    7,29 g
    10 %
  • dont saturés
    2,08 g
    10 %
  • Glucides
    51,76 g
    20 %
  • dont sucres
    1,42 g
    2 %
  • Protéines
    15,41 g
    31 %
  • Fibres
    2,93 g
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